Our Story

Savage Luxe was created in 2018 after envisioning a hairline catering to natural women who were interested in adding length and fullness without having to manipulate their texture. We want to remind ourselves we are blessed with our beautifully textured hair even when it works against us. With that being said, Savage Luxe embraces all hair textures and our hair products range from kinky, curly, coily, wavy to straight.

What makes us excited about natural hair is the acceptance of women who are different in a world where straight hair is so often the only hair. Our hair is not "one style fits all", we strive to make sure we provide products for women of all hair types.

Our goal at Savage Luxe is for you to enjoy your hair to the fullest. Our product has been tested and improved to ensure our customers are receiving the hair they deserve. With 100 percent virgin human hair processed to blend with several textures, we encourage you to wear your crown with Savage Luxe tresses.